Medical Expert Dr. Huang Wei-Xu

Founder of "GUI ZHEN ZI RAN"
Inventor of the Telomere Enhancer Therapy


Chapter 1 :
The Key to Longevity - Telomere Enhancer Therapy
Chapter 2 :
The Miracle of Premature Birth - A Testament to Life's Resilience and My Grandfather's Unwavering Determination
Chapter 3 :
The Legacy of a Chinese Medical Dynasty and the Designs of Fate
Chapter 4 :
An International Confluence - A Symphony of Chinese Arts and Literature
Chapter 5 :
The Second Dance with Fate - The Encore of Life's Miraculous Symphony
Chapter 6 :
The Mysteries of Cellular Therapy
Chapter 7 :
Family and Partners - Joining Forces for Greater Power
Chapter 8 :
Carving My Own Path - The Journey of Telomere Enhancer Therapy
Epilogue :
Reshaping the Limits of Life - Telomere Enhancer Therapy and the Choice of Life for Modern Elites

Chapter 1: The Key to Longevity - Telomere Enhancer Therapy

Dear Reader,

My name is Huang Wei-Xu, the founder of GUI ZHEN ZI RAN, and the pioneer behind Telomere Enhancer Therapy.

As a "life-extension therapy," Telomere Enhancer Therapy is highly esteemed within specific circles and is considered a significant innovation in the field of life sciences.

The core value of Telomere Enhancer Therapy lies in extending life, granting individuals at the end of their lives or facing significant health challenges more time. This allows them the opportunity to share precious moments with loved ones, settle unfinished business, or fulfill unachieved desires. More importantly, it is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life by alleviating pain and improving both physical and psychological conditions, which is crucial for patients.

Telomeres, being essential components of cells, are directly linked to the quality and length of life.

To better understand Telomere Enhancer Therapy, imagine looking at cells under a microscope, entering the microscopic realm. Telomere Enhancer Therapy delves even deeper into the "microscopic of the microscopic" level, standing at the frontier of life's "quantum" domain. This therapy can also act directly on brain neurons, as if you possessed a powerful microscope that could observe every minute change within the cells of your body in real-time.

You might wonder, why did I become a physician of this therapy? How is it administered? And what specific benefits has it brought to people? I will share these details, intertwining them with my life story, for a comprehensive understanding.

Chapter 2: The Miracle of Premature Birth - A Testament to Life's Resilience and My Grandfather's Unwavering Determination

In the 1980s, my life commenced amidst daunting adversities. In Taiwan during that period, the odds were heavily stacked against severely premature infants like myself. Given the fragile nature of our lives, most medical facilities were hesitant to treat us, deeming the efforts futile. However, leveraging his profound medical acumen, my grandfather identified a forward-thinking institution willing to attempt a potentially life-saving procedure for me. Thanks to the tenacious endeavors of the medical team, I was given an opportunity to live. As I grew, numerous physical challenges ensued. Anticipating the obstacles I would face, my grandfather proactively stepped in, harnessing his extensive knowledge of traditional medicine to foster my recuperation. Recognizing the potential trials of my future, he made a resolute vow to provide me with unparalleled care and support throughout his life.

Mr. Huang Wei-Xu's grandfather, Taipei, Spring 1991.

Chapter 3: The Legacy of a Chinese Medical Dynasty and the Designs of Fate

In the annals of my family history, my grandfather stands out as a luminary in the field of Chinese medicine, and it was his intervention that safeguarded my life. Born in the early 20th century, he hailed from a lineage distinguished by a multi-century legacy of Chinese medical knowledge. This profound wisdom, evocative of revered ancient manuscripts, has been judiciously passed down through the generations in our family. To preserve our family's discretion, I'll refrain from divulging specific names.

Endearingly, my grandfather named me Huang Wei-Xu (黃維序), imbuing the moniker with his profound aspirations for my destiny. In the Chinese lexicon, "Wei (維)" signifies continuity, and "Xu (序)" denotes an orderly and self-directed existence. Thus, the essence encapsulated in the name Huang Wei-Xu aligns with these tenets.

Given my distinct health circumstances, I invariably became the focal point of my grandfather's care and concern. Within the medical hall, I was his constant companion—be it during patient interactions or his tranquil moments, whether he was relishing a cup of tea, getting lost in the strains of the qin, or admiring the elegance of calligraphy and artwork. Each experience played a pivotal role in my formative years. My grandfather, with remarkable transparency, imparted his Chinese medicinal philosophies and life perspectives, always emphasizing that "The core of humanity lies in its fundamental principles."  Crucially, he tutored me in the art of managing my health in daily life—a paramount skill given my health nuances.

He frequently noted, "I bequeath to you the doctrines of Chinese medicine, chiefly hoping that you'd prioritize equilibrium in health and master self-regulation. If you opt for a medical vocation, exercise prudence, always ensuring your health remains paramount."

As the sands of time continued their relentless flow, a defining juncture arrived the year I entered adulthood. On his deathbed, my grandfather gathered the family to deliberate on pressing concerns. He underscored the importance of my well-being, ardently expressing his hope that the family's unwavering support for me would persist. A mere quarter of a year later, he attained eternal tranquility, departing serenely in his sleep.

Chapter 4: An International Confluence - A Symphony of Chinese Arts and Literature

Following my grandfather's passing, I sought solace by journeying to distant shores, believing that immersing myself in diverse cultures would alleviate the profound grief his absence had instigated. Fortified by a vast web of familial connections, I traversed locales such as Japan, San Francisco, Singapore, and Vancouver. In each city, I was met with the affectionate hospitality and camaraderie of senior family members.

While my family's esteemed heritage was palpable, an intrinsic yearning for independence and self-actualization continued to resonate within me. With a foundation in traditional Chinese medicine, I was reluctant to let such expertise lie dormant. Yet, health impediments curtailed my fervent ambitions. Recognizing these constraints, my uncles charted alternative avenues for my endeavors. Capitalizing on my deep reverence for traditional Chinese arts, including the guqin, tea ceremonies, calligraphy, and painting, and leveraging their business networks, I embarked on imparting these venerable practices. This initiative not only catered to the burgeoning curiosity of business tycoons and innovators in Chinese artistic traditions but also infused my life with a renewed sense of purpose.

Engaging in the tranquil Chinese arts of the guqin, tea ceremonies, calligraphy, and painting did not exact any toll on my health. Contrarily, they instilled a balance and serenity in my existence. This artistic pursuit offered my uncles reassurance regarding my well-being, epitomizing the profound affection and aspirations my family harbored for me.

Chapter 5: The Second Dance with Fate - The Encore of Life's Miraculous Symphony

During a particular stint in Tokyo, where I resided with an uncle, we upheld our familial custom of hosting a tea gathering. Yet, as the occasion neared its conclusion, an unexpected veil of blackness obscured my vision, culminating in a full loss of consciousness.

This abrupt turn of events sent ripples of panic and concern among the attendees. Swiftly, they ensured I was transported to a leading nearby hospital. Given Tokyo's stature as a global hub, its advanced medical facilities are a given. During my comatose state, I learned that I had teetered on the brink of death, with a recorded coma score of 3. My Tokyo-based uncle, together with family from abroad, rallied promptly, maintaining a steadfast vigil and invoking prayers for my recuperation.

Three weeks elapsed before I regained consciousness. After exhaustive medical interventions and evaluations, I was transitioned from the intensive care unit to a general ward. A month subsequent to this shift, I was discharged, having fully recuperated. Medical investigations attributed my sudden health setback to inherent cardiac irregularities and certain genetic insufficiencies, both fundamentally linked to my premature birth. This diagnosis illuminated the deep-seated apprehensions my grandfather had harbored for me throughout his existence. Post-hospitalization, I convalesced at my uncle's Tokyo residence, during which it was resolved to convene a family gathering.

What should have been an evening echoing familial warmth and connection took an unexpected detour as a sudden disagreement shattered the congeniality. Blame was apportioned concerning perceived lapses in overseeing my well-being. Amid this charged ambience, I felt my grandfather's ethereal presence fortify me, endowing me with the resilience to mediate and mollify the tensions.

With firm conviction, I articulated, "With profound respect for each family member and in recognition of my grandfather's sage guidance, I must underscore that my life's trajectory is mine to chart. While I deeply appreciate the family's counsel and solicitude, the onus of my decisions and actions squarely rests on me. I also have a transcendent experience from my coma that I wish to recount, hoping to offer a glimpse into my odyssey."

During that harrowing interval, my consciousness seemed adrift in an indescribable expanse, marked by patterns reminiscent of DNA helixes, vivid hues, and sporadic luminescent flares. It seemed akin to observing cells under a magnifying instrument— intricate, yet harmoniously orchestrated. This space felt intrinsically connected to my physical self, as if they were inextricable.

What astounded me further was an overwhelming sensation of restoration permeating throughout. It felt as though ruptures were sealing, aberrations rectified, and every facet of my being rejuvenated. This process of renewal appeared interminable, and its duration was indiscernible.

Upon disclosing my experience, my uncles responded with a mix of astonishment and perplexity. They collectively advised repose and reiterated their unyielding dedication to my health and well-being.

Chapter 6: The Mysteries of Cellular Therapy

Within a span of a year, I experienced a remarkable metamorphosis. Not only did my health stabilize, but it also surged to an unparalleled zenith of vigor. Throughout this phase, a recurring phenomenon manifested: whenever I delved into the peaceful rites of tea tasting and guqin playing, I felt as though I were entering a universe characterized by DNA helices and radiant beams. It seemed I could intimately communicate with my cells. This occurrence became more regular, enabling me to explore and engage with this mysterious realm, akin to approaching my body's intricate fabric.

While in Singapore, I was apprised of a relative's declining health at my eldest uncle's residence. Despite her consistent affection towards me, she had opted to shield me from her health woes. Nonetheless, witnessing my dramatic health turnaround, my eldest uncle reached out for my expertise. I not only applied traditional Chinese medicine to assess her condition but also harnessed my emerging "cellular repair" prowess.

During this process, I was deeply attuned to every minute shift in her body. Under my direction, she recounted feelings reminiscent of a subtle electric surge within her. Additionally, she could vividly perceive the radiant constructs and DNA helices I had formerly described. I remembered disclosing this unique experience post my hospital discharge approximately a year and a half ago. Now, she not only resonated with these sensations but also validated the veracity of my account.

Yet, my eldest uncle harbored skepticism, pondering if this might be mere illusionary. Keen to personally undergo this intriguing modality, he urged me to showcase the procedure on him. His experience mirrored my elucidation: he detected palpable internal alterations and was equally entranced by the visuals.

Shortly before my scheduled departure from Singapore, my eldest uncle expressed his intent to join me on my journey to Tokyo. Upon reaching, I was astonished to encounter several other uncles awaiting. It emerged that a critical family conference had been arranged, centered predominantly on the novel skill I had acquired. My eldest uncle had apprised them of my distinctive cellular repair approach, envisioning this meet as a platform for them to fathom and witness this expertise. Recognizing its avant-garde essence, they chose to undergo it personally. I showcased this innovative cellular integration to them, without reiterating the specifics of the procedure.

Following days of rigorous deliberation and reflection, the uncles formulated preliminary inferences about this technique.

Chapter 7: Family and Partners - Joining Forces for Greater Power

My eldest uncle emerged as the inaugural beneficiary of the "special cellular repair capability." After careful observation, he noted profound changes within himself, prompting the family to see the commercial promise of this breakthrough.

Upon concluding a family assembly, my uncles expressed their aspiration for me to champion this therapy in the corporate sector, envisioning an expansion of the family's commercial pursuits. I interpreted their proposal as a chance to both honor my family's support and contribute positively to the wider community.

As my uncles returned to their respective bases, they fervently introduced this innovation to their professional networks. A majority of these business figures had previous engagements with me, primarily through art and tea culture interactions. While they were cognizant of my coma episode in Tokyo, they remained largely uninformed about the distinctive ability that arose from it.

In the following months, I began delivering cell repair treatments, continually refining the methodology.

Such a discovery could potentially redefine the boundaries of conventional medicine. By addressing cellular repair, it not only caters to the well-being of modern professionals and entrepreneurs but also fortifies their cognitive sharpness and recall. Given the competitive landscape of today's corporate sector, the value of such an innovation is immense.

Each of my uncles, shrewd in their commercial endeavors, had distinct strategies for finalizing agreements and establishing collaborations. The finer details of their operations were typically beyond my purview. Yet, they ensured a consistent openness, keeping me informed of significant milestones. Under their mentorship, I established the "Telomere Enhancer Therapy Centers" in Tokyo, deepening my understanding of the intricate bond between cellular well-being and telomeres.

In time, we named our approach "Telomere Enhancer Therapy," which swiftly earned widespread acclaim. My uncles not only reported notable health improvements but also observed fortified business relations and expansion.

Cases like those suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, after undergoing my treatment, not only experienced a significant enhancement in the quality of their lives but also saw their life expectancy far exceed initial projections. Furthermore, those enduring the torment of chronic illnesses, including persistent pain and recurring symptoms that severely affect the quality of life—autoimmune diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus or other cellular anomalies—underwent substantial control of their condition through Telomere Enhancer Therapy. The therapy alleviated pain, drastically reduced the frequency of disease relapse, and even delayed the assault on other organs by the disease.

These experiences not only validate the effectiveness of Telomere Enhancer Therapy in improving the quality of life but also its substantial potential in the stable control of diseases. As experience accumulated, the application of Telomere Enhancer Therapy extended beyond individual cases, progressively including preventive and intervention treatments for the family members of the patients, addressing a variety of health issues, including genetic diseases. By implementing early intervention and personalized treatment plans, this approach has been instrumental in slowing the progression of diseases, offering new hope to patients and their family members alike.

The unique significance displayed by this therapy underscores that even when faced with terminal diseases, there exists a possibility for life to continue and improve.

Telomere Enhancer Therapy is synonymous with revitalization, and its profound influence is immeasurable. Upon the completion of the therapy, we invite clients to determine the recompense for this treatment based on their personal experience and perceived benefits. This approach profoundly embodies the mutual trust and respect shared between us and our clients.

Established in 2005: Japan Telomere Enhancer Therapy Center

Chapter 8: Carving My Own Path - The Journey of Telomere Enhancer Therapy

More than a decade has passed since the inception of my Telomere Enhancer therapy journey. As the elder family members approach retirement, they remain energetic and are transitioning their businesses to the next generation. Consistently, they have exhibited deep concern for my well-being, in line with our grandfather's wisdom, prompting me to adopt a lifestyle similar to theirs.

In 2019, during the Japanese New Year in Tokyo, I found myself on a tatami mat, lost in the melody of "Three Variations on the Plum Blossom." Drifting into sleep, I dreamt of sharing tea with my late grandfather, whose expression, while composed, revealed deep concern. He advised, "Return to Taiwan. I believe in you wholeheartedly. Your potential must shine. Follow your heart."

Awakening with emotions swirling, tears marked my face. Remarkably, when sharing this dream with my overseas uncles via video, they reported having had similar dreams of our grandfather, suggesting his wish for my return to Taiwan and the broader acclaim of "Telomere Enhancer" therapy.

As Taiwan's Lunar New Year approached, the uncles gathered at our ancestral home. Alongside honoring our grandfather, they discussed transforming his former Taiwanese residence to align with my upcoming lifestyle. During this gathering, our conversation inevitably turned to "Telomere Enhancer."

I expressed my commitment to spearhead its development and to chronicle its story online, aiming to foster global awareness and adoption.

Subsequently, I introduced the official website "GUI ZHEN ZI RAN" to offer comprehensive insights into Telomere Enhancer therapy. However, "GUI ZHEN ZI RAN" is more than just an information hub; it embodies a philosophy. Through it, I aspire to guide individuals in embracing their true selves and charting their paths to well-being. This belief, stemming from a legacy over two decades old, underpins the continual innovation of "Telomere Enhancer" therapy, steering it into novel frontiers.

Mr. Huang Wei-Xu is playing the guqin, a traditional Chinese stringed instrument, in a music room. He is leading a simple and authentic life, accompanied by the essence of tea, and is currently settled in Taipei, Taiwan.


Reshaping the Limits of Life - Telomere Enhancer Therapy and the Choice of Life for Modern Elites

In this fast-paced era, the pursuit of life extends beyond material satisfaction to a longing for high-quality health and longevity. Telomere Enhancer Therapy, like a beacon of dawn, guides those in search of greater possibilities for their lives.

Everyone desires to fill every day of their life with vigor, especially those decision-makers at the forefront of society and corporations. As leaders of organizations, they represent not only themselves but also the future of their teams, companies, and even entire industries. Their decisions and leadership profoundly impact the livelihood and well-being of many. Therefore, ensuring their physical and mental states are at their best is not just a personal need but a responsibility towards their teams and society.

Telomere Enhancer Therapy, as a life-extension therapy, not only offers them a way to maintain health and slow aging but also represents an attitude of life that respects existence and pursues harmony with nature. Embracing this mission, I am committed to providing assistance to everyone seeking a better life.

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