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Tokyo, Japan

Announcement: Advanced Therapy Relaunch & New Website Introduction

1. Telomere Therapy's Return
In response to significant demand, Dr. Huang Wei-Xu proudly relaunches the pioneering Telomere Enhancer therapy, heralding a breakthrough in health solutions.

2. Official Website Launch
Our newly established website is dedicated to offering comprehensive insights into the Telomere Enhancer therapy, especially for those who are referred to us. Upholding stringent standards, user privacy and data protection remain paramount.

With over 20 years at the forefront of telomere research, Dr. Huang aims to usher in a healthier and longer-lived future. We confidently anticipate that this innovative therapy will benefit many.

Telomere Enhancer Therapy Resumes

A mobile medical team named "GUI ZHEN ZI RAN" has been established and now offers services in countries around the world.

Dr. Huang Wei-Xu Returns to Taiwan for a New Chapter

Bearing his grandfather's aspirations, Dr. Huang Wei-Xu renovates his grandfather's old house in Taipei and settles down. As the saying goes, "falling leaves return to their roots."

Appointments Temporarily Suspended

With the family's changing circumstances, Dr. Huang Wei-Xu retires and discontinues his overseas medical missions.

Dr. Huang Wei-Xu Begins to Settle in Tokyo, Japan

He commuted between Japan and Singapore to conduct medical missions, focusing specifically on Telomere Enhancer therapy.

Japan Telomere Enhancer Therapy Center Established

Telomere Enhancer Therapy Officially Confirmed

Through numerous case studies, Dr. Huang Wei-Xu demonstrated expertise in cell-repair abilities, encompassing anti-aging, life maintenance, life extension, and slowing the progression of diseases. This cell-repair therapy was officially named "Telomere Enhancer" and received widespread recognition in the business community, offering international service.

Cell-Repair Ability Stimulated

Dr. Huang Wei-Xu developed a unique therapeutic skill and began a series of case treatments to validate its effectiveness.
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